Now hold your horses. The chicken sandwich isn't goin' anywhere, but there is one item they're takin' off the menu that might not be such a crowd pleaser...

Yesterday I had one of those moments like in the Snickers commercials where I was a total diva because I was SO HUNGRY, so I drove on over to Chic-fil-A because I love the spicy cool wraps and I needed a hunger cure quick!

When I got my bag, I reached inside to eat a fry on the way back to work (oh don't act like you don't fry snack in the car, too!) and I felt a flyer. The flyer was a note from Chic-fil-a informing me that they are CHANGING THE MENU!

Your precious chicken sandwiches are safe, but the lighter and warmer side of the menu is getting revamped. Starting April 29th, they will be offering 'an Improved Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap' (I didn't think there way anything wrong with it) and 3 new salads will be replacing the current ones. Hot Cocoa, Hot Tea, and the Carrot & Raisin Salad will be REMOVED, not replace....along with The Fudge Brownie. :(

bye bye Fudge Brownie. We will miss you!

What are your thoughts on this news? I think new salads are a good idea with warmer weather coming (hopefully) and I guess I'll give the 'improved' grilled chicken cool wrap a try, but THE FUDGE BROWNIE?!?!?! WHY?!?