Some things just naturally go together, like peanut butter and jelly, mittens and scarves. While some things boggle one's imagination such as Chess Boxing.


the name says it all. Chess Boxing where two players sit down and play a 3 minute speed round of chess and then they hop into the boxing ring to beat each other silly. Silly, being the operative word here.

I discovered this odd sport while surfing the internet and it made me laugh out loud, which is quite an accomplishment on a Monday at work.

Is this game being played somewhere here in Lubbock? Most likely not as it seems to be played mostly in Russia and supposedly started back in the late 1970's by some wacky Brits in a London gym.

How does one win?
Either you checkmate your opponent on the chess board or knock him out in the ring.

I mean really have you ever heard of such a thing?