The Charlie Shafter Band took the stage at JAB Fest and played to a crowd of well over 2,000 people in the hottest of hot conditions. By the time Shafter and crew took the stage it was over 102° with some cloud coverage.

The heat didn't bother Charlie, Starfire, Gabe and Eric though as they played their set as if they played any other. Charlie even had his own way of beating the West Texas heat on Saturday.

"I had a bandana that I put in the beer cooler and wet it up, rang it out and put it on my neck," said Shafter.

Also taking the stage at JAB Fest was Texas country legend Ray Wylie Hubbard. Hubbard is helping Shafter and crew with their new album by showing the ropes and producing it with them. Working with Hubbard isn't all about the music though.

"He's like the Wylie Lama. He's a very wise cat. A lot of the food that he eats is interesting. He eats a lot of food that's not typical," said Shafter.

Non typical food or not, the band has learned much from Hubbard and expects the album to be done soon. All that's left is editing and mixing it down, according to Shafter.

The Charlie Shafter Band, or Charlie Shafter & the Gnomes, also stay busy in between working on the album and touring. They have a weekly podcast that you can find free on iTunes called "You Can't See Us."

"It's me and Charlie and Eric most of the time. We're gonna get Gabe on here one of these days," said Starfire. " We have some other friends. We've had Cody from Whiskey Myers on there, we've had Ray Wylie on there. It's just like hanging out in the van talking like we're doing right now."

To find that podcast just search Charlie Shafter Band on iTunes. You can also find the Charlie Shafter Band on both Facebook and Twitter.

Below is my interview with Charlie Shafter.

Here is the interview I did with the Gnomes: Starfire, Gabe and Eric. Warning: there are a couple of naughty words said in this interview.

While I was conducting the interview with Charlie Shafter and the band they mentioned a Kickstarter page to help raise money to help finish the album. Since the interview at JAB Fest and this morning, they successfully raised the money needed to finish the album.