It wasn’t that long ago that we learned Channing Tatum would be playing the role of Cajun mutant Gambit in an upcoming ‘X-Men’ spinoff film. To make the news a bit better, we also learned that ‘RoboCop’ remake writer Josh Zeteumer was working on the script, which is based on a treatment by ‘X-Men’ comics writer Chris Claremont, who also co-created the original character. And today, in even better news, Tatum has announced the release date for ‘Gambit,’ which will be coming to a theater near you in 2016.

Tatum announced via Twitter and Facebook that ‘Gambit’ will hit theaters on October 7, 2016:

The Gambit character is, of course, Cajun. Cute. ‘Gambit’ will open less than three months after ‘X-Men: Apocalypse.’ Fox is also planning a new ‘Deadpool’ movie with Ryan Reynolds, and working on expanding their ‘X-Men’ film universe. According to Variety, Fox has pushed back the release of the next ‘Planet of the Apes’ installment an entire year, to July 14, 2017. The sequel to the ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot previously held that date, but has been moved up to June 2, 2017. (Side note: it seems a bit presumptuous for Fox to schedule the release of a ‘Fantastic Four’ sequel, when they’ve been suspiciously protective of the reboot—we haven’t seen a single official photo or teaser, and the movie is set to debut in eight months.)