Since cell phones have become so much a part of us--almost as important as wearing underwear, I thought we should be up to date on our cell phone manners.

This site lists the 10 dos and don't of cell phone etiquette:

(1) Never take a personal mobile phone call during a business meeting.
(2) Maintain at least a 10-foot zone from anyone while talking. (Ever been in a grocery line when someone is on the cell phone? 'nuff said)
(3) Never talk in elevators, museums, cemeteries, theaters, dentist or doctor waiting rooms, places of worship or other enclosed public spaces.
(4) Don't use loud and annoying ring tones that destroy concentration and eardrums.
(5) Never "multi-task" by making calls while shopping, banking, waiting in line or conducting other personal business.

(1) Keep calls brief and to the point.
(2) Use an earpiece in high-traffic or noisy locations so you can use amplification.
(3) Tell callers when you're on a cell phone so they can anticipate distractions.
(4) Demand "quiet zones" and "phone-free area" as work
(5) Let everyone in your cell phone address book know that you've just adopted some new rules for mobile manners and ask them to do so as well and pass them along to their contacts.