Most people start their day off with a bowl of their favorite cereal. It could be anything from just plain corn flakes to the breakfast of champions, "Wheaties". I'm such a cereal fan, that I'll have it for lunch. Some cereals are like snacks and you can you can eat them without milk.


I remember growing up at a kid, that there would always be a prize or little toy in the box of cereal. There were times that you had to send to box top from your favorite cereal to Battle Creek Michigan to get whatever cool thing that make of cereal was offering. It seemed like everything cereal came out of Battle Creek.

Of course the advertisements were geared towards kids and still are today. There were some great commercials.

Check out these from Maypo Oatmeal and Cap'n Crunch. The Cap'n Crunch character was created by Jay Ward and the Jay Ward Studios produced the commercials. Ward was responsible for giving Rocky and Bullwinkle among other great characters.