Aftermath of Oklahoma Tornado in Photos
A massive tornado touched down just south of Oklahoma City on Monday, killing dozens.
At least seven of those killed were students at Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore. The twister, which measured 2 miles at one point, has been given a preliminary classification of an EF-4 tornado (winds o…
5 Things Bosses Do That Really Annoy Employees
We recently looked at some bad habits workers have that annoy their bosses, reduce productivity and prevent them from advancing up the career ladder. Now it's time to examine how bosses can spoil the workplace environment for their employees.
Sprint Cup Recap — Aaron’s 499
The David vs. Goliath metaphor is one we use a lot in sports, but when trying to describe the final results of this week’s Sprint Cup Series race, nothing else seems appropriate.
David Ragan won the seven-hour, rain-delayed, Aaron’s 499 Sunday at Talladega Superspeedwa…
The Wonderful World of Radio-Explained a Little Bit
Ever wonder why it is you'll see your favorite DJ working with another station? Or why you can call a mention something about another station's event and we know exactly what you're talking about even though it's not our station's event? It's called SISTER STATIONS and …

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