Texas is Selling Your Driver’s License Info
If you have a Texas driver's license, there's a good chance that another business has the information that's listed on your ID card. The state of Texas is selling our info, and they've made $2.7 million on it since 2010.
First Annual Denver City Tamale Festival December 1-2
Denver City's Tamale Festival is fun for the whole family with events planned for two big days. This first annual event looks forward to becoming a tradition that will grow for years to come according to KCBD News.
Head on over to Denver City for a fun-filled holiday line-up of events that will …
Don’t Miss Lubbock’s Inaugural Veterans Day Parade
It's Lubbock's first annual Veterans Day Parade. Gather up your friends and family and go out to pay tribute to veterans and all who have served this Veterans Day, Saturday November 11th at 10am, This important tribute is presented by Los Hermanos Familia...

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