Parker McCollum Live At Charley B’s in February
Texas Country's Parker McCollum takes the stage at Charley B's on February 9th.
His debut album Limestone Kid , released just a couple of years ago, put him on the fast track of the Texas Country scene and his much anticipated tremendous follow up  album Probably Wrong, was just r…
New Silent Wings Museum Exhibit Salutes West Texas Heroes
This new exhibit opened February 1st at Silent Wings Museum and pays tribute to the heroes from West Texas that were tragically lost on Space Shuttle Columbia, in 2003.
The exhibit is titled Columbia: Fifteen Years After according to the press release
Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated as it re…
The Delicious Girl Scout Cookie Season Is Here
Girl Scout cookie season is officially off and running!
Tickets are available through booth sales, door to door sales, and personal sales. They also offer, what they call, a 'digital cookie, which is each girl scouts ability to set up an on-line cookie business, with cookies being shipped direct…

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