The 71st ABC Pro Rodeo Is Coming to Lubbock!
You've heard the news of the ABC Pro Rodeo coming to Lubbock, but I don't know if EVERYONE knows how great of an event this really is. Well, hold on to yer seats, because I'm here to tell you!
You Could Own Zac Brown’s Dodge Ram! [VIDEO]
On board with the Ram Celebrity Truck Auction with Dodge, and like Kellie Pickler, YOU now have a change to own Zac Brown's Dodge Ram truck! The proceeds will go towards a very special cause: Camp Southern Ground.
Granger Smith Announces the 3rd Annual Boot Walk!
It is that time of year again for Granger Smith's Boot Walk! While it takes place not here in Lubbock, but in Austin, we're getting the word out to everyone and anyone who would be able to help out this GREAT cause!
The Lubbock Color Run is SOLD OUT [VIDEO]
The Color Run is new to Lubbock but the word spread fast and so did the running spots! The Color Run in Lubbock is now SOLD OUT, but there may still be hope for you if you didn't get signed up in time!
Miranda Lambert Partners with Pedigree [VIDEO]
If you're a Miranda Lambert fan, then you know about her soft spot for animals, especially dogs! So it makes sense that she is now joining with Pedigree to get your help with funding communities for The Pedigree Feeding Project!
You Could Own Kellie Pickler’s Truck! [VIDEO]
It would only make sense that this fundraising diva would find a way to sell her own vehicle for a good cause! So if you're lookin' for a good lookin' pick up truck, better get your bid in now before it's too late!

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