"American Idol" is in its 13th Season and as in years' past, this year "American Idol" is the most watched TV series. By far my personal favorite winner of all the seasons is Carrie Underwood. Now, you may not agree with me, but looking at the success that woman has had, there are others who think she's alright too. Now, here's a gal from the small town of Checotah, Oklahoma who is now a major recording artist and actress, Academy of Country Music winner, Country Music Award winner, Dove Award winner among many other accomplishments. Gossip from the business testifies to her sweet, congenial, easy-to-work-with personality. And here's a perfect example of why she's so well-liked. Recently in a tribute to female Country Music artists, Carrie performed with the legendary Vince Gill. And after you check it out, tell me if you agree that she's the best "Idol" yet. And if you don't agree, who is?