Carrie Underwood has finally released her new music video! 

The world premiere for 'Blown Away' aired last night at a special showing in San Antonio, TX. In a competition, San Antonio's local radio station KJ97's listeners voted the most to have the Private World Premiere and all of their voting paid off!

Many of the comments about the video are calling for award nominations already! Everyone seems really please and thought it was worth waiting for.

SPOILER ALERT: In it, Carrie is an abused child of a drunken father who's wife passed away. We can only assume her passing is what has him drinking, though. It's got a 'Wizard of Oz' feel to it and is actually pretty dark. She's is obviously tired of the abuse and when a twister rolls through town, she takes cover and let's it rip through the house with her father passed out on the couch. Then, just like that, her problems, the abuse, 'the tear soaked, whiskey memories', are all blown away.....