Oklahoma girl, Carrie Underwood, joins in the efforts to help those suffering in her home state after being devastated by tornadoes. Little did you know before you read the title of this blog- she donated no small amount !

Welp, we now have ANOTHER reason to love Carrie. At this point, I'm truly starting to believe she can do NO WRONG!

Hometown Oklahoma girl decided to contribute to the disaster relief funds to help out her fellow Okies and she was not shy or conservative about the amount!1 MILLION DOLLARS is a lot of dough!

Ironically, the funds she was able to donate were the profits from her 'Blown Away' Tour.

I have watched the devastation in my home state of Oklahoma over the past several days with great sadness,” Underwood said in a statement. “With the help of my fans who attended my concerts over the past year, we can offer the Red Cross a little extra help in comforting those affected by the recent tornadoes.

I can't imagine how bad off the folks in Oklahoma would be today if the Country did take such a mighty stand together they way we have to take care of our own. This is amazing news to read and hear in a day and age when I feel like all you see are bad news stories in the news.

Carrie- hats off to you for doing this! It's people like you that make Country music so generous and humble and definitely admirable !