In honor of the release of her new music video for her latest album's title track, 'Blown Away' it's interesting to go back and see Carrie before winning 'American Idol'.

Carrie Underwood started as a humble small town gal from Oklahoma before coming in and dominating the hit show 'American Idol'. It was obvious from the get-go that this girl was born to be a country-singing performer!

Even though her raw talent pushed her straight to the top, you can still see how she has grown as a singer into such an awing performer. Another reason to love her is that she is still a very humble person after winning it all.

Since 'American Idol', Carrie has gone on to complete and release 4 albums and has earned a wide range of countless awards.

Tomorrow night on E! you can see the World-Premiere of her new music video, 'Blown Away'.

Enjoy these before and after duet performances with Randy Travis and Brad Paisley below: