Keith Urban is joining American Idol's judge line-up soon and Carrie Underwood thinks it's a wise decision.

In an interview with The Tennesean newspaper in Nashville, before the announcement was made about Keith Urban being the next Idol judge, Carrie said she thought it would be a wise decision for the next judge to be country.

''You look at the track record of ‘American Idol,’ and there’s me and Scotty [McCreery] and Lauren [Alaina] who were the final two ... There’s obviously a want for it from the ‘American Idol’-watching audience because that’s who they are voting for. So, it makes sense they would have somebody they know and love in as a judge.”

Thankfully, Idol stuck with Keith Urban because Carrie has a point. If the demand is there, so should the supply.

Keith Urban actually isn't new to judging singing competitions. He was also a judge in Australia's version of 'The Voice'. So he'll already have some boots broken in for the act.