I try to breathe through the “little things” that life tosses my way, like forgiving the driver on Marsha Sharp Freeway who has obviously never met a turn signal, and my neighbor’s dog that takes sunset as a signal to start his barking serenade.

However, I seem to have no patience when it comes to being on line and confronted with having to prove that I am a human being. You know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever tried to buy concert tickets on line, suddenly you’re staring at a bunch of letters all jumbled together like they’re playing Rugby.

I find myself squinting at the letters, why are some squiggly? why are some squished sideways so that a “y” could actually be an “I” snuggled up against a “g”?

A co-worker said, “oh yeah, it’s called CAPTCHA which is short for completely automated public turing test to tell computers and humans apart”.

Aha, so they purposely place distorted letters on top of some distorted background to see if we are humans on this end. I guess this would weed out any plant life from using their website as well as animals and minerals.

As I am getting ready to log off my work computer and go home for the weekend, I salute you “Sir CAPTCHA”,  you may have won this battle, but I live to fight another day!