I personally will not be seen out shopping on a Black Friday. Lubbock, TX is admittedly a bit more calm than bigger cities, but rude people are not my thing and I'm just here to warn any new comers this year: BEWARE OF CRAZY SHOPPERS!

You see these kinds of videos in news stories every single year. For some reason, though, folks KEEP GOING OUT every Black Friday to try to fight with the crowds for the best deals of the season.

Some people blame the stores for not having enough security. Some people blame the lack of stock on discounted items. I blame people. really.

Black Friday has all kinds of awesome deals and extended hours for shoppers, but people being greedy is why it gets out of hand. So if you are a newcomer to the Black Friday shopping festivities....beware! Things can get crazy and I've got a couple of videos to prove it!