Life can keep us busy and our best intentions to get up and running can leave us in the dust. It's time to kick the dust up and join a group of motivated runners for the Buffalo Wallow Races, Saturday November 12, 9am at Buffalo Springs Lake. Whether you go for the long run or the short one, the energy could be perfect to inspire fitness. Joining a group of motivated runners, like the West Texas Running Club, could be just the support you need to get out and get going. If you're not up for the run, come out and cheer them on.

Last year they had 235 finishers according to their website.

You can join in for the 2 mile run or go for the Half Marathon.

A Half Marathon is about 13.1 miles and is something best advised to work up to and train for. According to some research, if you can run 3 miles you're ready to train for a Half Marathon.

It is also advised to build a base and have a plan, to build up to a long run so that you don't overwhelm your body.

Go to the West Texas Running Club website and follow the link to the Buffalo Wallow Races for more information on this event. Additional info also at this link with a link to on line registration.

Deadline to sign up for the Buffalo Wallow Races is Wednesday November 9th.

Event is November 12th, 9am, at Buffalo Springs Lake.