Birding is an interesting hobby followed by many enthusiasts through out Texas. Out at BuffaloSpringsLake, we are fortunate to see some really interesting birds during the year.  Of course we have the usual ducks and Canadian geese, but occasionally we come across some unusual looking critters.

As you can see in the photos, we have seen these shoreline birds just this week. The Black-necked Stilt and the Stilt Sandpiper are new ones for me.  The American Avocet and Snowy Egret visit periodically in our shoreline waters.

So if you are interested in viewing many species of birds, come out to the lake!  I have over 50 kinds of birds that I have identified without even searching them out! Pack your camera and binoculars and explore our "Oasis in West Texas".

We will share more birds photos and stories as the year goes by.  We hope you enjoyed viewing!

Jim Madewell  - GM Buffalo Springs Lake