Bucky Covington has been charged with grand theft, but he's denying he did anything wrong and continuing to tour. The charge happened in Ormond Beach, Florida following Bucky's concert at the Iron Horse Saloon on July 4th. The promoter was rushed to the hospital with chest pains and when he returned $1500 was missing from the cash box. He claims Bucky, Bucky's twin brother Rocky and Rocky's wife, Terra stole the money. One website claims Bucky's long ago past is a little jaded having been charged as a teen way back in 1998 with giving fictitious info to a policeman. That incident involved switching places with his twin brother who was driving a car involved in a hit and run accident. The truth finally came out. Makes you wonder about this recent situation. But hopefully he's grown up a bit. Nonetheless Bucky will be with Craig Morgan for the 5th Annual Charity Ride and Concert in Dickson, Tennessee in early August. Here's one of Bucky's hits since being an "American Idol" contestant.