Baby dolls now talk, move and even wet their diapers. But the latest one, called the Breast Milk Baby, takes dolls to a new level. The doll simulates the act of breastfeeding, and is expected to hit U.S. stores very soon.
The child owner of the doll wears a halter top that holds two flower sensors where nipples would be. The sensors activate a suckling response in the doll when it is placed in contact with the flowers.
The doll's manufacturer, Berjuan Toys, based in Spain, said in a news release they are committed to bringing the doll to U.S. markets after seeing high sales in Europe. The company said it has generated more than $2 million in sales since the doll was first released four years ago. The doll is available in both genders and three different skin colors. The Breast Milk Baby is not cheap. It costs about $90.