Last year, an underground-underdog, but this year, Brantley is an instant chart topper! With songs like his new one, it's easy to see why! Brantley writes from the heart!

When big stars get big, you'd think that being a big star is a natural thing and say 'if only it were that easy for me!'

Well, Brantley Gilbert's new song gives us a little inside look at what it was like before he was a big star because believe it or not, the song was written about an experience he had!

On, Brantley says:

"In my career, there's a lot of pressure. You had to move to Nashville if you were going to make it. I never really bought into it, but I agreed to take some writing appointments with some people from Warner Chappell. I had a co-write set up with a guy named John Eddie. To make a long story short, I ended up turning around and going home and canceling the appointment. We rescheduled with him, and that day we wrote about what happened the day I canceled ... It was just a real experience."

Think about it. It's not that easy to take such a big risk like that and most folks who want to aren't in the position in their lives where they can just up and leave. We sure are glad Brantley rescheduled this writing session, though! Could you imagine life without him!?!

Check out his new music video for the song below: