On Brad Paisley's latest album, "This Is Country Music", Hollywood icon Clint Eastwood whistles. On that same tune, "Eastwood", Brad also added some other people pretty special to him...his sons Huck and Jasper. He tells one country music news site, "We were mastering the album. I went upstairs with my iPhone, and Huck had just been put down for his nap and I said, 'Hey,' I said, 'do me a favor, repeat after me,' and I hit record. 'Hey what about western?' And he did that a few times, and then that's what's on there. And then, there's another voice, there's a 'yeah' from Jasper, which I got. He was already asleep, so I used his 'yeah' from another thing he had done." Listen closely at the beginning and hear two sweet voices along with a legend in Brad's creative instrumental.