I'm sure that's the question many men will ask themselves after they hear what Brad Paisley decided to go do during the Super Bowl. I actually think it's a stroke of genius, if you ask me!

In a phone-in interview with a radio station in Minneapolis, Brad Paisley made a confession about his Super Bowl doings this past Sunday! 

“I turned it off. Once the power went out, I actually went to a movie. I was the only one there. I went to go see ‘The Hobbit’ because I have wanted to see it and never have had three hours over the last couple of months. There is nothing geekier than skipping the Super Bowl and going to see ‘The Hobbit.”

First off, 'The Hobbit' is a fantastic movie, so hat's off to Brad for having good taste in movies.
Second, I think it's a stroke of genius because when else could a Country super star find the time to go check out a movie? NEVER, but during the Super Bowl when all of America is watching a single game...? That's genius!
Hope you enjoyed your flick, Brad!