If you missed this mornings show, you missed Bobby and his Country Crew's Secret Santa Gift Exchange.Eddie bought Sydney a gift but it was hard to shop for her because she’s so young. He got her a Ouija Board and said that he’s never been told by multiple people not to buy something. Sydney rated it a 3½ since it was battery powered.

LB bought Nada Red Bull and a riddle book. She said that it was very thoughtful. She rated it a 7.

Ray got Bobby a zombie bobble head because he likes The Walking Dead. Bobby said that it’s the worst gift he’s ever gotten. Everyone was ripping Ray apart, but at the last minute he came through with another gift in a tiny box. They were custom guitar picks with The Raging Idiots picture on them. Bobby rated it a 9!

Sydney got Amy the first Hunger Games, which Amy already had. She also got her a picture frame that said family and a cutting board with her name on it. Amy started crying and rated Sydney a 10.

Bobby actually gave Alayna a bucket full of cash. Alayna rated it a 10.

Amy got LB an ice scraper. She also got him marshmallows, hot chocolate mix, and a Keurig. It didn’t go over very well with him. He was mad because she got him two hot chocolate makers in two years. He didn’t even give her a rating because he’s still waiting for a better gift.

Alayna got Eddie two collectible vinyl records from his favorite band Pearl Jam and Jimmy Buffet. Ray is the last one to receive his gift from Nada. She blindfolded him and then brought in Brenna Mader, last year’s Miss Tennessee USA. Ray said that he was going to rate her based on looks and gave her an 8. It’s not the type of gift that lasts though.

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