"A moment on the lips, forever on the hips!" or so Blake's heard before. Valentine's Day is a BIG day for chocolate, though! But, gals, which do you HONESTLY prefer from your man on the day of love? Something sweet or something thoughtful?

Roses are red, Hershey's Kisses wrappers can be too

But on Valentine's Day, What's more important to you?


In today's economy, no doubt men everywhere are looking for a good deal to snag because let's face it: the cost of just getting it over with and buying a Vday gift is much smaller than the cost he'll pay if your man DOESN'T deliver on love day!

Flowers are beautiful and thoughtful. Jewelry is also a very popular choice, but each of these can be expensive. That, and flowers fade and die and then need to be thrown away.

Chocolates or sweets are DEEEEE-LICIOUS, but February is only the 2nd month into your New Year's resolution! While sweets are usually cheaper, the cost it could have on your new diet may be detrimental.


So it boils down to PREFERENCE!  Help a guy out ladies and tell us: