It's strange how things that look like they'll never mesh, eventually do. That's kind of what happened to Blake Shelton and the television show "The Voice".

He tells USA Today that he almost didn't do it, "...I'm the only country artist, so I'm the only coach on time because I'm worried I'll be fired before we even get started. After about 15 minutes, this little guy in a white T-shirt and all these tattoos comes in(Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine). Then, Christina's boobs come through the door and about two minutes later the rest of her body comes through".

It's been a successful ride for Blake so far, this being the second season for "The Voice". He adds, "I like to get on there and talk about hunting and drinking and boobs and things guys like." What can I say? Whatever floats your boat! Here's a fun song from Blake Shelton, performed at the Academy of Country Music Awards in 2012, that goes along with his fun philosophy.