It's all over any kind of media. We now have our first ever music video recorded from SPACE! Commander Chris Hadfield covered a David Bowie song, but Blake wants to know if it were YOU- what song would you have made the first ever music video from outer space for?


Commander Chris Hadfield is a Canadian who has made David Bowie's Song 'Space Oddity' from the International Space Station. How cool is that for David Bowie?

The video was posted only YESTERDAY and already it has over 1 million hits. It's crazy! This video is all the buzz today so jump on and check it out then tell us, if it were you- what song would you have chosen?

I know. It's a hard/big decision! - JUST ONE SONG!? yup, that's the only rule of this poll. You gotta narrow it down to the ONE song that you would want to make famous as THE first music video in outer space.

So what's it gonna be?