The seasons are turning, which means warmer weather in Lubbock! Time to lace up those running shoes and get ready to run for a cause! Blake wants to know which kind of charity walk/race is your favorite?

Michael Smith, GettyImages

Taking it one step at a time to fight for a good cause because the fad of the century not too long ago and now folks are finding FUN, new ways to spice up the traditional fun run/walks for charity. BUT which one is your favorite?

Not sure what Blake means? Well, for example, the Color Run is coming to Lubbock where participants will dress up (usually) in white clothes and go for a fun run or walk all while getting 'painted' with color! It's actually just dyed flour, but it's a lot of fun!


Or, thanks to AMC's new hit show, The Walking Dead, zombie runs have become a new thing! You start the race 'alive' and wearing two flags at your hips just like flag football. Throughout the course, though, 'zombies' (dressed up and in character volunteers) will try to steal your life away! (the flags)



Another fun one are the Rock'n'Roll Marathons! You can run a half or a whole marathon and during the run there are bands set up on street side stages rockin' out and providing you with some awesome tunes to get your marathon on to!

So which one is your favorite?!