School has started and most of us have been planning all week how we're going to spend this first 3 day weekend of the year. With so much going on, though, it's hard to get to it all! So Blake wants to know: What are your plans for the Labor Day weekend?

Thank goodness it's FRIDAY!!

High school football kicks off tonight. Down here in Texas, it's a BIG deal. Are you sticking around and heading out after your high school team plays?

Even more football is beginning this weekend! Texas Tech is taking on North Western this Saturday at Jones Stadium, which also means that there is some epic opening game tail-gating to be done.

Blake also has been giving away family day passes to Buffalo Springs Lake all week. Will the lake be where you head with your family and/or friends?

Or are you an 'option D' kinda fella and planning something completely off the charts?

Whatever you do, keep in mind that Blake likes you a lot. So, stay safe and make responsible choices!

And don't forget to let Blake tag along with you all weekend long on your radio!