Traditionally, Black Friday was the best day of the year to save on anything and everything. Folks are starting to discover, though, the convenience of online shopping and have now supplied a demand for Cyber Monday. Which do you think is better ?

I, myself, had particular trouble avoiding my e-mail, which was getting bombarded with sales and Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Did you notice at any point, though, that the deals on Cyber Monday were better than Black Friday? For instance, one of my favorite facial care lines was doing free shipping and 3 free minis with any purchase for Black Friday, but on Cyber Monday and the rest of the week it was the same deal, but FIVE free minis.

That is just one example, but I've seen it happening quite a bit. Is it the no good left over stuff that stores are trying to get rid of or are they (meaning the big wig corps) trying to sweeten the Cyber Monday deals to help calm the storm that is Black Friday?

Most importantly, though, Blake wants to know which you like better!