The Super Bowl is the big time of year when businesses will roll out the big bucks and get the best scripts written to compete for the best commercial and most talked about commercial from the night and boy are folks are talking about the commercial....but not because it was hilarious.

Any attention is good attention to a business, right? Well, this commercial definitely has the words "go daddy" coming out of everyone's mouth today so maybe it worked....

It's just a little sad that businesses are now combining the shock value and the 'sex sells' factor to get attention on NATIONAL TELEVISION. Don't get me wrong, it's a great marketing strategy to get everyone to talk about them, but come on.

I feel the same way about most TV shows on during prime-time when younger generations are watching, too. Cursing, sex innuendos, and scandal.....when did all of this become okay? :(

We leave this one up to you, though! How do you feel about the new commercial?