It seems to be the biggest news in Lubbock right now since everything that happened with Coach Leach. So Blake is curious about what you think of the situation. Please feel free to elaborate, comment, or expand on the subject.

Last night, all local news channels covered the breaking news.

Texas Tech AD Hocutt finally addressed the accusations made against Coach Gillispie regarding player mistreatment.

In his statements on KCBD, Hocutt said:

"If these allegations are found to be true then we will submit those to both the Big 12 Conference as well as the NCAA." Hocutt also commented that, " we go through this unusual and unfortunate position that our decision making will be guided by mission statement which is to educate, serve, and grow fearless champions - and by the guiding principles that we have adopted as an athletics program."

You can see the full coverage story at the link below and tell Blake:

Do you think Gillispie is guilty of player mistreatment?