A story going viral online has us wondering if technology is becoming a little too convenient....? We think it might be when toddlers are able to accidentally purchase cars while playing with their parent's smartphone.

A 14-month old little girl from Portland decided she'd do something nice for mom and pop and bought them a new car! and by 'new' we mean new to them, not new in general, by any means.

Sorella Stoute was playing on her dad’s phone when she stumbled across his eBay app and put in a winning bid of $202.50 on a 1962 Austin Healey, which the low price winning bid of about 200 bucks should give you an idea of it's condition.....

The parents decided to keep it, but this is definitely a case where they learned the lesson the hard way, but are the parent's the ones fully responsible for the situation? Could it be that maybe technology is just becoming way too convenient these days when passwords and credit card numbers are saved to a hand-held device that toddlers have easy access to?

Here's a scary thought- what if your phone was stolen? These days no one needs to take a purse anymore. The info's all there in your phone.

So what do you think?