The George Strait/Martina McBride concert on Friday was not only a phenomenal show, it was the show of a lifetime! Blake and I had a blast!!! but after the show we spoke with a group of ladies who were a bit disenchanted and it wasn't because of the show.....


Chantal McNair and a group of her friends were, putting it nicely, a bit unhappy after The Cowboy Rides Away tour on Friday and it wasn't because of the show.

Turns out, George was putting on SUCH A GREAT SHOW that he had them out of their seats enjoying the last time he will ever be in Lubbock when security staff at the show asked them to sit down. Now, you've heard me say on-air that they were threatened with 'extreme measures', but that is only because I was not personally a witness to exactly what was said.

Chantal and her friends said the staff person went as fair as to threaten them with being ARRESTED if they did not take their seats.

On one hand, a good rule of thumb at concerts or performances is that when the majority of the crowd is standing, you stand, or if they're sitting, you sit.

But Chantal and her friends expressed that they were not happy about paying the same amount of money as everyone else around them to be there and then being threatened that way for only trying to have a great time.

So a compromise? Should concert venues, show promoters, or whoever else is involved with seating arrangements start considering separate sections for sitting and standing?

Would you enjoy paying less to stand the entire time or would you be content with paying a little extra to be in a seated section without the hassle of trying to see around people standing in front of you?