Rick Diamond, GettyImages

Brantley Gilbert is known for his different style and take on country music and for taking risks and going in different directions that big names country singers wouldn't dream of going with their music. Do you think his new song, 'Kick It in the Sticks', is more hard rock or Country?

The other morning I was eating breakfast with my family and a friend of the family made a comment that, "Hey listen to this! The radio station is playing this hard rock song on their country station! Isn't that awesome?"

Even in his music video, Brantley's standing on the hood of an old car, jamming on a guitar and the number of electric guitars outnumbers acoustic 2:1.

Obviously, the friend of my family is a rock fan, but still loves country, too. Either way, it got me wondering how ONLY country fans felt about the new Brantley Gilbert song...

This is what has inspired our Blake Poll for today!