You’ve seen this video going around already. A dad is being lashed out against by social media and critics for letting his son drive his Ferrari…his 10 year old son. The comments below are what got me thinking though. Do you believe this is a cool dad or a bad dad?

The real question to be asked here is: is this really THAT big of a deal? And by ‘THAT’, I mean, worth all of the terrible media it’s received recently. How many folks here in Texas can say that their parents didn’t let them drive their vehicles when they weren’t licensed ? (nevermind what KIND of car it is)

If you read the comments below, there are a few that stick out in defense of the parent in question:

You people fail to notice that this little kid just drove a 200 mile an hour car perfectly and he even shifted, you heard that in the video! Most of you probably could not handle this car and this little kid just did perfectly, so unsafe? I don't think so. And if you think this father will serve one day in jail you are retarded, I wouldn't be surprised if we see another video of the kid driving family Lamborghini that he has already driven! All the sad haters on here make me sick.

And making an even better point, another comments:

for every action there's a social media overreaction. who gives a sh*t if he let the kid drive his car on a closed road? keep sheltering your kids and telling them that they shit rainbows, all youre doing is raising a soft little bitch of a kid. let him drive the car, teach him to respect the power. That's what parenting is about.

With that being said, who can argue that this parent acted irresponsibly? At least he’s spending time with his child and teaching him something positive. That’s what I say, but we’re here to ask you.

What do you think?