The Oscars celebrate every aspect of film making from the directing, producing, editing, and sound to costume and set design, music, and acting. Every year, it takes over the news everywhere, but do you enjoy it? Some don’t.

Last night’s Oscars lasted for hours and Blake thought it would spice it up a bit if the Oscars had commercials like the Super Bowl!

Kevin Winter, GettyImages

Seth McFarlane is sure to become a fan favorite for hosting so the show with his suave, subtle, and sometimes not subtle humor. Dancing with the lines, but never crossing them, he did an awesome job.

From start to finish the Oscars last for FIVE hours, but it doesn’t end when the show’s over and it doesn’t even really start when the show starts.

For weeks, people speculate and talk about the Oscars. All day today, it’s what folks are going to be STILL talking about. From disappointments to best/worst dressed, and watching Jennifer Lawrence fall, it’s all going to be about the Oscars.

So what’s your opinion? You know Blake loves getting your input!