Just two months ago, another video soon to be viral was posted to YouTube that now has kids, teens, and even older dancin' 'Gangham Style'.

Blake was known to scoot a boot to all the best line dances in his day and this new style is something he feels he might actually be able to get into!

The 'Gangham Style' dance is made famous by a Korean man named Psy. (pronounced 'sigh')

Parents thank your lucky stars because it could be A LOT worse, but this craze is pretty fun. Blake likes it because although it was not made in Texas, you'll see how it fits a Texas flare into the mix!

Very famous artists are even getting into this new fad, including Brittany Spears who was recently on Ellen and learned from the originator himself! You can also catch that video below, too!

So sit back, or better yet, stand up and get ready to shake a leg to the sensation dance sweeping the nation: