They, the Grackles (blackbirds), would grab a piece of dog food and then sorta "fly-scoot-hop" on over to the water bowl where they dipped the food in there to soften it. Now, to me this seems like pretty complex thinking on their part. And Ryan Blakley of Walter's World of Pets agrees. He says birds of prey are incredibly intelligent, adding that the African grey parrot has been compared by some people to be as smart as a 3-5 yr old child. Ryan adds, "Anytime you compare a bird's intelligence to a human being, that's pretty intelligent".

Parrots and myna birds just absolutely fascinate me with their command of the language?! I mean, do they really know what they're saying with their little feathered head bowed? Check out this video. And when you're out and about, check out the birds and other critters in their jungle at Walter's World of Pets at 3020 34th, open every day of the week.