Kacey Musgraves has already taken us inside with her for songwriting and now she's letting us see her getting a set stage ready for the live shows on the road. She's up front and down to earth and it's all just another reason to love this gal and her music!

Not too often do we get to be lucky enough to see this side of country artists or any artist for that matter. Most, I guess, like to keep how they do what they do a secret to help maintain a bit of a surprise for their shows, but not Kacey!

This lovely lady from Texas has grown and bloomed into one of my favorite artists today. She has an ear for great music and her lyrics surpass most of today's flat, redundant lines. She and her writers work hard to write and make music that's funny, depressing, powerful, true, and, above all else, MEANINGFUL!

So take a look behind the scenes with Kacey again as her and her guys are getting a set ready for the live stage and be watching out for her debut album to be released in the spring of 2013!!!!! Not too much longer!