It's time once again for People Magazine to start rating the most beautiful people (celebrities, because apparently real people don't count.) Miranda Lambert is mentioned as 'Simply Stunning'...with her pet! You should see the picture with her pup. It's mighty sassy!

Pets and Paws and lots of love, along with a famous, good-lookin' owner has landed a couple of four legged friends inside People Magazine!

Miranda Lambert, of course, is one of those mentioned as People Magazine's 2012 Simply Stunning:  Stars & Their Aww-dored Pets!

"The unconditional love you get from an animal, especially a dog, is better than anything else," Lambert told PEOPLE Country. "They're so grateful and the love they give you back is like nothing else."

Via Twitter and Facebook and News Interviews and everything else in the world, we know Miranda is a HUGE fan of animals! So it comes as no surprise that she makes this list!