Mike Ehredt ran from Canada's border to Galveston, planting a flag every mile to honor soldiers who have fallen in the Afghanistan war. 26 miles a day for 11 weeks, Mike wrapped up the honor run in Galveston this past Sunday on Veteran's Day.


This man is truly inspirational.

Just a very brief insight into his past athletic achievements includes: Competing twice in the World 24 Hour Rogaine Championships, winning the Army Cross Country Championships, and he is also only one of 34 people to ever finish the Rocky Mountain Slam which consists of Bighorn, Hardrock, Wasatch and the Bear 100 mile races. THAT'S FOUR 100 MILE RACES IN ONE SUMMER!!!!!!!!! This guy is extreme to say the least!

And no, that's not a child he's got with him. In that jogger's stroller, Mike has thousands of American Flags with the names of fallen soldiers.

He has raised thousands of dollars for charities doing what he loves, but Project America Run, for him, is more about raising awareness and honoring those who have fallen in the Afghanistan War. He's not doing it for fame or money. His goal is simple: "One life. One flag. One mile".

Mike, we tip our hats to salute you for going to such lengths, LITERALLY, to honor fallen soldiers. This is amazing!