Though they don't share the same parents, aren't even close in age and were born years and miles apart; our very own Rick Gilbert still insists that he and country music star Brantley Gilbert are long lost brothers. It's easy to prove his argument to be wrong, but it was fun to listen to it. 

"We share the same last name," Rick pointed out. "Need I say more?"

While they do indeed share the same last name, there aren't many more similarities between the two of them.

Rick Gilbert was born in Toledo, Ohio, while Brantley Gilbert hails from Jefferson, Georgia. Rick was also born to different parents and the two are almost 30 years apart in age. Neither of those matter to the Bear's Gilbert though.

"You can't throw facts into this argument," Rick proclaimed. "We're long lost brothers and there's nothing more to say on the topic."

Though we haven't (and probably won't) done background checks on either Rick or Brantley to see if they are indeed brothers, we still can't believe him. Rick said his last argument was all in the look.

"Brantley stole his look from yours truly. He may pull it off better than I do, but the point still remains that he got his style from me. Hell we even look alike still."

This writer can't really see the resemblance. The picture below should be enough to prove our very own Rick Gilbert right or wrong. You be the judge on our website or be the judge in person when Brantley Gilbert comes to Lubbock December 1, as a part of the Taste of Country Christmas Tour at Wild West. Rick's thinking of it as a family reunion of sorts.