In a testimonial with The Forerunner, ‘Two and a Half Men’ star, Angus T. Jones, calls the show ‘filth’ and asks viewers not to watch his show. The videos explain it all from the star’s own mouth inside.

Angus T. Jones has been acting on the show ‘Two and a Half Men’ since he was 9 years old. The show has adapted his growth and maturity very well, so what, you may be wondering, would have him asking his fans to stop watching the show?

The videos tell it all and from his own mouth, too.

Angus explains his adolescent growth stage by stage and explains for anyone who wants to watch why he no longer is a believer in his own work on the show.

Check it out. I, for one, am extremely excited that he is being so up front with fans. I’m glad he’s witnessing to so many people, too.

It doesn’t matter what religion you practice. ANYONE can respect the fact that this young man is standing up for what he believes in!

Way to go, Angus !

(The second video is more to the point about his views on the show and what has him talkin’.)