While most of the media has fallen off the band wagon and are now only mentioning the Newtown Shooting as a point to achieve a political agenda, there are still folks out there who continue to pray and act for those affected by the tragedy. Andy Griggs is one of those included.

It's a sad day in America when funds need to be raised because a child's life has been so tragically taken, but 27 little lives hurts much, much more, especially for all of the surviving family members.

Andy Griggs, like many Americans, has been watching and wondering, 'What can I do?'.

While money can NEVER replace or help ease the pain of a lost child, what Andy has done is noble for helping to ease the families financial burdens.

You can download his new song, 'Twenty Little Angels', today to help support his cause. 100% of the proceeds will go to Connecticut!

Blake and I tip our hats to you, sir. Thanks for your effort and support of those families who need it so very much.