An adult asks a child who just received a compliment, “What do you say?” and the child immediately says Thank You – nothing more, nothing less – simply Thank You.


So can someone PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME why this is so difficult for an adult to say Thank You when receiving a compliment?  And as much as I hate to say it – while men are guilty of this – women are more so!

Listen up people; you need to stop with this self-deprecation nonsense.  If someone walks up to you and says “You are so pretty.” – Smile, be grateful and say Thank You – not “OMG, what is wrong with you, you must be blind!  My hair is a mess and I’ve gained 20 pounds, blah, blah, blah…”

Let’s not play dumb ok?  When you get ready to go out – you go through a process that will ensure you look your best when stepping out of your house.  This process includes wardrobe selection, makeup application, hairstyle decisions and more.  You take your time and you change your mind several times because you KNOW how to look pretty.  Finally the moment comes when you look in the mirror and say “Yup – that’ll do!”  But when someone compliments your hard work – you can’t say Thank You – instead you roll out a list of everything you hate about yourself.  STOP.  THAT.

Here’s the thing, if you cannot learn how to graciously accept compliments/gifts – then just lost your right to complain because no one wants to compliment an attention seeking negative Nancy.  That attitude makes the person giving the compliment feel like crap.

Several years ago I walked past a co-worker in the hall at the radio station and I said – “Oh wow, you look so nice today!”  And the response I received was “Huh.  So I guess I look like crap every other day.” And with that, this person turned and stomped off as I sat there and felt horrible that I had somehow insulted this person…with a compliment???

In conclusion:

If someone says to you “you have pretty eyes” – what do you do?  SAY THANK YOU.

If someone says to you “I love what you’re wearing” – what do you do?  SAY THANK YOU.

If someone says to you “DAAAYYUUUUMMMMM baby gurl!  Yu iZ hoTT az HeLL” – what do you do?  SAY THANK YOU...BOO???

If someone explains in great detail to you every nuance of your beauty, sends you a 5 page hand written love letter and homemade mix tapes professing their undying love for you and how death would surly come if you were to ever love another – what do you do?   SAY THANK YOU AND QUICKLY DIAL 911.

I hope I haven’t offended anyone too badly with this weekly whine – but it’s time to be an adult and appreciate and enjoy the kind words of others and simply say THANK YOU.  The. End.