Many of us use Facebook (or other social media sites) for all types of reasons and we all have our own frustrations when it comes to “social media etiquette”.  What one finds to be fun – someone else finds offensive. 

For example – some like to play every Farmville-Candy Crush- Bejeweled game there is out there – I do not (except Candy Crush but I’m seeking therapy for that).  The frustration comes from the behavior of those that you have accepted as “friends” – so technically you can get rid of that frustration with the click of a button.

But here’s my question – if you are a local radio or TV personality, are you not perceived as “stuck up” for not accepting friend requests?  Especially when the personality uses their social media page for work?  Now I know damn well that I am NOT a celebrity by any stretch of the imagination – I am merely a local radio DJ that enjoys good music, talking to people and making new friends.  So I don’t mind having a ton of “Facebook Friends” – many of who I’ve never met – and I’m always VERY CAREFUL as to what I reveal on Facebook.

BUT there is one thing that really bothers me and it that makes me want to shut down my Facebook profile all together.

The Private Facebook Message.

Here is a rule of thumb I think one should keep in mind when sending me a private message on Facebook – if it is not something you would post on my timeline for the entire world to see…then it is not something that I am going to respond to.  If you could see some of the private messages I have received, you would totally understand.

Yes, I know I can turn the message feature off, but sometimes there is a legitimate need to send a private message, not to mention I have out-of-town family that sends me private messages and I don’t think I should have to shut that down just because of a few inappropriate messages from strangers.

Bottom line is this – I will chat with you on the air, on the request line and when I’m live on location – but I am not going to chat privately on Facebook.   Not because I think you are a bad person or because I believe you have ill intent.  But come on people – have you seen Dateline?  Or 20/20?  Or CSI?  Or Criminal Minds?

I hope I haven’t offended anyone too terribly bad – but if I have then just go grab yourself a glass (or bottle) of wine and calm down!  This is MY Weekly Whine, and I’ll whine if I want to!  Cheers!