Nothing makes me want to take a sledge hammer to my cell phone more than when I fall victim to the never ending madness called a "group message"! 

Now truth be told, I'm guilty of starting a "group message", but I start the message with "hey, this is a group message so please do NOT reply to all." - unless I start a message with my mother and sisters, because they do the the never ending group message to me all the time and usually while I'm working or on-air!

I know what you're thinking - "turn your ringer off".  No.  I cannot.  I have children and if there is an emergency it will be my phone they call first.  So the most I am willing to do is put my phone on vibrate - but that sound is just as annoying as hearing the actual alert.  And besides - why should I have to risk missing other phone alerts because my phone is silenced so that YOU can have a conversation back and forth with someone about something that doesn't pertain to me??

Don't get me wrong - group messages can be convenient if used properly - but for those of you that continue to converse for hours and hours with only one or two people out of the entire "group" - STOP!  Really - stop it.  At least until cell phones develops a "Leave Conversation" option like Facebook has!!

And just so you know I'm not the only one who feels this way - a radio friend of mine in Abilene by the name of Frank Pain recently posted a video blog on this very topic!  You can watch it here.

Besides - it's better to have a group conversation in person - while sharing a bottle of wine!  A wine sipping, face to face, group conversation is one group message I don't mind being included in!