Karen Gaffney is a very talent, intelligent, and determined individual. She has swam the English Channel and Lake Tahoe, she's just recently graduation with a PhD, and even has her own foundation determined to help others champion life's obstacles while living with Down Syndrome and other disabilities. Impressive right!? You'll be even more impressed to hear she also is an individual living with Down Syndrome. Amazing.


On her Foundation's Facebook page, she says:

It's not that I relayed the English Channel; It's not that I swam 9 miles across lake Tahoe; It's not about 5 hip surgeries that I have recovered from. It's about all the friends I have made, the family I have, and all of your support!

Karen is a keynote inspirational speaker working for the Karen Gaffney Foundation and who better to be? NO ONE!

This woman is amazing. Not just because she has Downs Syndrome, but for ANYBODY! Have you ever swam the English Channel or received your PhD? She is strong, clearly.

What's most impressive to me about Karen is her heart! She has done all of these amazing things in her life and is only taking steps to help others champion the obstacles they face. What a lady!

So hat's off today to Karen Gaffney and her amazing heart and her determination!